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DST Series – Two Stage outdoor patio heater

The DST Series is a top-of-the-line patio heater with an aesthetically pleasing, modern design featuring our patented two-stage technology. This Series heater was manufactured specifically with the outdoor market in mind. Not only does this heater deliver an even heat pattern throughout its 10-foot span, but it also comes equipped with a smart LED self-diagnostic light and a decorative, modular grille.

Certified for indoor and outdoor commercial applications as well as outdoor residential applications, the DST Series patio heater is an excellent choice for heating a wide variety of applications.

DST Patio Heater


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Smart LED Self-Diagnostics
• Service issues can be diagnosed at the floor level using the LED diagnosing light.

BTU Selector: Two heaters in one (high/low fire)
• Application flexibility – always the right fit.
• Documented fuel savings.

30 Linear Feet of Radiant Tube
The most radiant surface area of any 10-ft. radiant patio heater available!
• Low exhaust temperatures.
• Increased efficiency – more heat transferred to the space.
• Even heat distribution & increased heat output.

Highly Decorative, Stainless Steel Housing
• Low top clearance.
• More heat directed to the floor.
• Increased durability.

Unified Component Panel with Easy Access
All heater components on one easily accessed/removed panel
• Easily serviced.
• Decreased heater down time.

3/4″ Modular Decorative Grille
• Easily removed for cleaning and servicing.
• Large openings enhances radiant output.



Available Models

Model #
Gas Type
BTU/H (High Fire)
BTU/H (Low Fire) Rcmd Mounting Height. Unit Weight Overall Unit Length
Nat 60,000 40,000 8 to 14 ft 150 lbs. 119″
DST-60P LP 60,000 40,000 8 to 14 ft 150 lbs. 119″
 Minimum mounting height is 79” above floor level. Typical or recommended mounting heights are provided as a guideline. Actual conditions may dictate variations from this data.



• Service issues can be identified at
the floor level using the Smart LED
diagnostic light.BURNER CONTROL BOX
• Easy access unified component
• Totally enclosed components.RADIANT TUBES
•    30 linear feet of radiant tube.REFLECTOR
•    Highly polished internal reflector
increases efficiency and low top
•    3/4” x 3/4” decorative grille with
large openings for enhanced radiant
• 1 year – Internal components.
• 3 years – Radiant tubes.
• 5 years – Burner.
*Extended warranty available.

• ANSI Z83.20 and CSA 2.34.
• ANSI Z83.26 and CSA 2.37.
• Residentially Certified to CSA No. 7-89.
• Outdoor residential approval.
• Indoor & outdoor commercial approval.
• Preset 4 in. combustion air inlet collar.
• Sidewall or roof venting.
• 120VAC, 60 Hz. Primary.
• 24V control standard.
• 1/2” NPT.
• 120V – 1.10 starting, 1.10 running.CONTROLS
•    24 VAC control.
•    24 VAC control relay option
•    100% safety shut-off.
•    Self-diagnostic circuit board.
•    Air proving safety switches.
•    Direct spark ignition with direct
sense.GAS SUPPLY (Inches W.C.)
• Manifold pressure:
High Fire: Nat 3.5; Prop 10.0
Low Fire: Nat 1.5; Prop 4.9
• Min. Inlet pressure: Nat 5.0; Prop 11.0
• Max. Inlet pressure: Nat 14.0; Prop 14.0
• 1/2” x 24” 304 stainless steel flexible
gas connector included.

Dimensional Data



Clearance to Combustible Chart






A.     Basis-of-design product: Subject to compliance
with requirements, provide Detroit Radiant Products
Company; Re-Verber-Ray ® DST Series.
B.     Fuel type: Burner shall be designed for [natural] [propane] gas having characteristics same as those of
gas available at project site.
C.     Gas control: Operation shall include a defined input
differential. Heater must be CSA Design Certified to
operate at an input differential of at least 30% between
the low and nominal rated input modes.
D.     Combustion chamber: Shall be 4 inch O.D. 16ga.
Titanium stabilized aluminized steel (150-200 MBH to allow
for the operating temperature to exceed the 1030°F as
set forth in the ANSI Z83.20 standard) or aluminized steel,
finished with a high emissivity rated, corrosion resistant,
black coating with an emissivity level documented at .92
or higher.
E.     Emitter tube: Shall be 4 inch O.D. 16ga. aluminized steel
finished with a high emissivity rated, corrosion resistant,
black coating with an emissivity level documented at .92
or higher.
F.     Cast elbows: Shall be high temperature resistant.
G.     Burner type: Unit shall be a positive pressure power
burner with a combustion fan upstream of the burner
and exhaust gases for component longevity, maximum
combustion efficiency, and energy transfer. Negative
pressure (pull through) type appliances will not be
H.     Fan enclosure: Combustion fan shall be totally housed
inside component panel and not exposed. Appliances
with exposed combustion/exhauster fans shall not be
I.     Burner: Stainless-steel venturi burner. The flame anchoring
screen shall have a minimum temperature rating
equivalent to 304 grade stainless steel. Non stainless steel
burners shall not be permitted.
J.     Tube connections: The heater’s combustion chamber
and radiant emitter tube shall incorporate a slip-fit,
interlocking connection in which the upstream tube slides
into the next tube. A butted tube connection system shall
not be permitted.
K.     Ignition system : Direct spark igniter with flame rod sensing
L.     Reflectors: Shall be .025 polished aluminum with a
multi-faceted design which includes reflector end caps.
Reflector shall have a polished bright finish with clear
visual reflection ability. (A sample will be required at time
of submittal). Reflector shall have a minimum of 12 sheet
metal bends in its fabrication to optimize downward
radiation. The heater’s reflector hanging system shall be
designed to permit expansion while minimizing noise and/
or rattles.
M.     Component panel: Heater’s exterior control chassis shall
be constructed of corrosion resistant enameled steel.
1.    Air intake: An air intake collar shall be supplied as part
of the burner control assembly to accept a 4 inch O.D.
supply duct.
2.    The heater’s controls shall be easily serviceable by
removing component panel for accessibility.
3.    The rating label shall bear the outdoor certification
N.     Housing shall be constructed of 430 Series stainless steel.
O.     Heaters shall be equipped with a sight glass allowing a
visual inspection of igniter and burner operation from the
floor. Sight glass visible only at a appliance level shall not
be permitted.
P.     Heater shall be equipped with 3⁄4” modular egg crate grill.
Q.     The heater shall be of a low profile ‘designer series’ design
and be capable of mounting the unit with hanging
brackets which shall be attached directly to the heater’s
chassis and be capable of mounting the heater at a 0 to
30 degree angle from horizontal.
R.     The heaters shall utilize a downstream turbulator baffle
and Dimpled Baffle-MAX for maximum heat transfer.
S.     Heater shall be supplied with a stainless steel flexible gas
T.     Burner Safety Controls:
1.    Heater controls shall include a safety differential
pressure switch to monitor combustion air flow, as to
provide complete burner shutdown due to insufficient
combustion air or flue blockage.
2.    The heater shall incorporate a self-diagnostic ignition
module, and recycle the heater after an inadvertent
3.    Heater shall include a Smart LED self-diagnostic light to
diagnose service issues at the floor level.
4.    The heater’s control system shall be designed to shut
off the gas flow to the main burner in the event either a
gas supply or power supply interruption occurs.
5.    The heater’s blower motor shall be thermally protected
and the motor’s impeller shall be balanced.
6.    Heater control assembly shall include a manual valve
to change the settings of the heater input between
high fire, low fire, and off.
7.    The heater’s air flow control system shall provide a 7
second pre-purge prior to initiating burner operation
and a 240 second post-purge upon completion,
effectively removing all products of combustion from
heat exchanger and/or radiant tubes.
8.    No condensation shall form as a result of combustion
in the combustion chamber or radiant tubes while at
operating temperatures.
9.    Thermostat control shall be single-stage operating on 24
U.     Venting: shall be per manufacturer approval and
V.     Thermostat: Devices and wiring are specified in Division
23 Section “Instrumentation and Control for HVAC.”
1.    Thermostat: single-stage, digital programmable wall-
mounting type with 50 to 90°F (10 to 32°C) operating

DST Manuals

LBDST_DST-Brochure DST Manual DST Submittal
Brochure Manual


Engineering Data Sheet

DST Packing List Designer Series Catalog
Packing List
Designer Series Catalog




Part Description Original
Part Number

Part Number

Pressure Switch – Normally Closed TP-260J
Pressure Switch – Normally Open TP-264K
Circuit Board TP-851C
Wire Harness TP-7035
Relay TP-1325
Flame Rod TP-222
Glo-Bar Igniter TP-50A
Fan Motor TP-7015
Fan Capacitor TP-7016
Gas Valve Assembly – Natural TP-7040
Gas Valve Assembly – Propane TP-7041
Egg Crate Assembly TP-7011


$2040.00  Base Price  – click to go to our purchase page.  Contractor discounts available.


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