HLV Series: Two Stage, Mutliple Burner Heating System

The HLV Series infrared vacuum heating system is engineered specifically for the design parameters of the building it is required to heat. More commonly found in larger commercial and industrial applications, these systems offer potential operating benefits that are not easily obtainable with traditional infrared tube heaters.An engineered vacuum system emits low intensity infrared heat just like any other type of tubular heater. What makes these systems unique is the method in which they operate as well as their expanded operational boundaries.  The operational objective of a vacuum system is to simply move hot gases from the burner(s) to the pump. This movement heats the emitter pipes, which in turn heat the building via infrared energy.The HLV Series is engineered to utilize both two-stage and condensing technology, offering optimal operating efficiencies and fuel savings. Vacuum Heating System


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The HLV Series engineered vacuum system emits low intensity infrared heat like other types of tubular
heaters. What makes a vacuum system unique is the method in which it operates as well as its expanded
performance capabilities.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Two-stage operation maximizes comfort levels
    and reduces equipment cycling, resulting in
    significant fuel savings.
  • Systems can be designed with 1 to 6 burners
    ranging from 40,000 to 750,000 total BTU’s with a
    single vent penetration.
  • Tandem burner design allows independent
    combustion air for each burner.
  • Slip-fit tube exchangers with bolted tube clamps.
  • Hot surface ignition system.
  • Spark resistant cast aluminum vacuum
  • Pre-wired vacuum pump with thermal
  • Self-diagnostic circuitry and operation
    indicator lights.
  • Heavy-duty balancing damper.

Key System Components


Burner Control Assembly:

Tandem designed HLV Series burners range from
40,000 to 200,000 BTU/h and do not require the
use of combustion air filters, since each burner
draws its own fresh air for combustion.

Emitter Pipe:

4-inch O.D. 16 gauge titanium-stabilized and
aluminized steel tubes treated with a highly
emissive black coating offer superior longevity and
A swaged, interlocking tube design provides
a tube-on-tube overlap that helps to ensure
structural integrity, ensures a tight seal, and is
easier to install.
Condensing systems are fitted with corrosion
resistant 304 stainless steel tailpipe insuring years
of reliability.


Vacuum Pump:

Pre-wired, spark resistant, heavy-duty cast
aluminum 1/2-hp, 3/4-hp or 1-hp pumps
allow for multiple high BTU burners per


Multi-faceted highly polished reflectors
maximize the amount of infrared energy that
is directed to the floor level – where heat is
needed most.


State-of-the-art pre-programmed building
management control panels are available
for use as a stand-alone or overall building
management system.


The HLV Series infrared vacuum heating system is engineered specifically for the design parameters of the
building it is required to heat. More commonly found in larger commercial and industrial applications,
these systems offer potential operating benefits that are not easily obtainable with traditional infrared
tube heaters.

Common Applications of Vacuum Systems


Sample Vacuum System Application

HLV Vacuum Application

Benefits of Heating with Infrared

Reduce Energy Consumption:

Fuel savings from 20 to 50% when compared to a warm air system.

Low Harmful Emissions:

Infrared heaters burn clean thus putting off low harmful emissions.

Indoor Air Quality:

Infrared heaters do not rely on air currents to transfer heat – minimizing circulation of airborne pollutants.

Modular Design:

Individual zone controls increase personal comfort for all building occupants.

Thermal Comfort:

Heat the floor zone; not the ceiling. Heat energy stored within ambient objects improves comfort levels in the space.


BTU Range: 50,000 – 200,000 BTU/h (1-6 Burners)
Lengths: Varies – See Design Guide
Gas Type: Natural or Propane
Combustion Tube: 4″ dia. Titanium Treated Steel, Black Coated
Radiant Tubes: 4″ dia. Aluminized or Hot Rolled Steel, Black Coated
Certification: CSA, IAS
Warranty: 1/3-5/5 (Components/Tubes/Burner)



  • 120VAC, 60Hz GRD, 1Ph., 3-prong.
  • 0.7A starting & 0.2A running per burner.
  • See installation manual for pump data.


  • Two-stage operation standard.
  • 100% safety shut-off.
  • 24VAC thermostat control.
  • Self-diagnostic circuitry.

Tube Construction

  • Black-coated titanium-stabilized steel
    combustion chamber.
  • Black-coated aluminized or optional
    uncoated hot-rolled steel tube exchangers.
  • 304 Series stainless steel condensing tube.
  • 4 in. dia. x 10 ft., 16 ga. construction.
  • Interlocking swaged tube design.
  • Turbulator baffles.


  • Highly polished aluminum.
  • Continuous overlap design.
  • Reflector end caps.
  • Rotatable 0° to 45°.
  • Anti-rattle tension springs.

Vacuum Pump

  • 1/2-hp, 3/4-hp or 1-hp pumps.
  • Operates between 60-63 sound decibels.
  • Spark resistant cast aluminum housing.
  • Includes primary damper.
  • TEFC style motor with heat slinger for cool
    operation and wheel with taper lock hub.


  • Hot surface ignition.
  • Flame rod sense.
  • Self-diagnostic LED.

Gas Connection

  • Natural or LP gas.
  • 1/2 in. NPT ball valve/inlet tap included.
  • 24 in. stainless steel flexible connector.

Inlet Gas Pressure

  • Man:     3.5 Inches Nat. Gas; 10.0 Inches LP.
  • Min:      5.0 Inches Nat. Gas; 11.0 Inches LP.
  • Max:      14.0 Inches Nat. Gas; 14.0 Inches LP.

Combustion Air and Venting

  • Preset 4 in. air inlet collar.
  • Sidewall or roof venting options.
  • Single wall flue pipe.
  • B-vent required through combustibles.


Optional Equipment/Upgrades

  • U or L-shaped configurations.
  • Stainless steel upgrades.
  • Protective guards/side shields.
  • Single-stage operation.


  • CSA Design Certified.
  • ANSI Z83.20b.
  • Commercial/Industrial approval.
  • Indoor approval.

Limited Warranty

  • Full, non-prorated.
  • 1 year: Control box & exhauster components.
  • 3 years: Hot-rolled and stainless steel tubes.
  • 5 years: Titanium-stabilized and aluminized steel tubes.
  • 10 years: Internal burner.
  • Extended warranty available.



  • Product literature.
  • Aftermarket parts support.
  • Distributor locator.
  • C.A.D. & Revit Design


Model #
Gas* Btu/h Input(High Fire) Btu/h Input
(Low Fire)

Recom. Mtg.Heights

Clearance to Combustibles*


HLV-40 Nat or LP 40,000 40,000 9’ to 14’ [9″, 4″, 47″]
HLV-50 Nat or LP 50,000 50,000 9’ to 14’ [9″, 4″, 47″]
HLV-60 Nat or LP 60,000 50,000 10’ to 15’ [9″, 4″, 47″]
HLV-75 Nat or LP 75,000 60,000
11’ to 18’ [9″, 4″, 47″]
HLV-80 Nat or LP 80,000 64,000 11’ to 18’ [11″, 4″, 48″]
HLV-90 Nat or LP 90,000 72,000 12’ to 20’ [12″, 4″, 54″]
HLV-100 Nat or LP 100,000 80,000 12’ to 20’ [14″, 4″, 66″]
HLV-110 Nat or LP 110,000 88,000 13’ to 23’ [18″, 4″, 72″]
HLV-120 Nat or LP 120,000 96,000 13’ to 23’ [18″, 4″, 72″]
HLV-125 Nat or LP 125,000 100,000 14’ to 27’ [18″, 4″, 72″]
HLV-140 Nat or LP 140,000 112,000 15’ to 30’ [24″, 6″, 81″]
HLV-150 Nat or LP 150,000 120,000 15’ to 30’ [24″, 6″, 81″]
HLV-170 Nat or LP 170,000 136,000 16 to 40’ [34″, 6″, 92″]
HLV-175 Nat or LP 175,000 140,000 17 to 42’ [34″, 6″, 92″]
HLV-180 Nat or LP 180,000 144,000 18 to 47’ [41″, 6″, 94″]
HLV-200 Nat or LP 200,000 160,000 19 to 50’ [41″, 6″, 94″]

* Clearances posted above reflect those of a system with reflectors installed without add-on options at a 0° angle from horizontal.
System lengths and clearances to combustibles vary based on the system design and configuration. Reference the HLV Series Manual
and Design Guide for additional data. Clearances published in HLV Series manual and on warning label supersede data shown on
this brochure. † The HLV-40 and HLV-50 do not have a reduction for low fire. ‡ Recommended mounting heights are provided as a
guideline. Actual conditions may dictate variations from the above data.

Vacuum Pump Data

HLV Vacuum Pump

HLV Series

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